Our Best Idea Ever: Mixing Inflatable Bounce Houses and Recreation

Recently, Andy and I went to a birthday party for one of my teenage cousins. Despite the fact that the kid is a almost a full-grown teenager, he wanted a birthday party that included an inflatable bounce house rental. Needless to say, it was insane!

We all jumped for hours in that inflatable bounce house and at some points there were so many of us that we thought it was going to burst. Luckily, the rental guy was cool and let us get in, even though we ended up totaling past the weight limit. (Well, just by a little bit.) This all ended up triggering a brand new idea for taking recreation to a whole new level!

Our plan, is to rent a bounce house and use it at the park to get people attracted to moving.   We got to know the owner of the bounce house house company so we will probably go through him. As a bonus, he’s got some huge inflatables to choose from, and in bright colors, which are sure to draw more attention. We believe that this is one of our greatest ideas yet, well at least when it comes to creating a campaign to get people moving. Not only should this plan draw attention, but maybe even make us some new friends that are interested in sports and recreation just as we are. We could always use more players for our football, volleyball, and soccer games.

We have already checked all of our bases and concluded that it is indeed legal to rent a bounce house in a recreational area, so we are now prepared to get the show on the road. And don’t worry, it will be safe. The owner, Mark, will be around for safety purposes and to make sure everything goes smoothly. Who knows, we could be on to something here. We are doing this on a Saturday in the late morning/mid afternoon, so there should be tons of people there if the weather is nice. We are looking forward to this and just know that it’s going be so much fun!

We will make sure to keep you updated. Come if you can!

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Adult Recreation Ideas

Hey everyone, Barry here. I am the one who has been frequently posting on here about getting out and being active, and how it can drastically pay off in life in health and happiness. Today, I wanted to follow all of it up by talking about how recreational activities can serve the same purpose for you as well, and some of the best ones to get in to.

I myself, enjoy going to my local park and either playing sports, kayaking around the lake, or even fishing. I love our park because there’s a mad-made volleyball court filled with sand. This sand also extends alongside the lake to resemble a beach, so that’s pretty cool and good incentive to make us want to go there amongst the others in the area. Anyways, parks that have recreational areas are definitely ideal for getting moving outside.

Some of the other recreational activities that serve as great exercise include:

  • Bike Riding
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Roller Blading, Scootering, or Skateboarding
  • Volleyball
  • Throwing a Football
  • Kicking a Soccer ball
  • Swimming
  • Walking, Jogging, or Running

… to name just a few.

These are the activities Andy and other friends like to do most often, and they make us feel great. We are continuously getting exercise in some way, and it doesn’t get old. You see, when you switch things up, things don’t get boring and it’s almost inspiring to make you want to continue doing it.

Regular exercise can be boring and take motivation. When you are playing a sports game or a partaking in a recreational activity outside, it’s like a game that you never get tired of playing.

Even thought I have always known that I have needed to exercise, I never used to want to do it so I would never stay consistent with it. Since I have gotten heavily involved with many different types of sports and recreation, my perspective is certainly not the same, and I am in the best shape of my life because of it. And because of that, I am always recommending that people just get out and do something. You will be so glad that you did when you are older!

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Calling ALL Adults!

Calling all adults to get out and play some sports!

As adults, it’s important that we stay active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s recommend that we stay active for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, of course it can be more or less depending on your age group. No matter how you move, it’s just important that you do so.

As young people, we always notice older people that are in rough shape or not aging well, and we believe this in thanks in part to a lack of proper nutrition and/or exercise. One of the scariest things to imagine is being older and in bad health, knowing you could have done something to prevent it while you were younger. That being said, we try to get in as much exercise as possible whether it’s at the gym, doing yoga, or playing any type of sport, of course most air disc golf.

It may seem difficult to get out and be active consistently each week, but it gets easier the more you do it. Exercise may not sound thrilling to many people, but that’s why we fell that you should switch it up and make it fun in some way. We prefer sports because not only do they help us be active, they are fun and provide the opportunity to grow your focus. If you play with a group of people, sports are great team building exercises that help you work well with others. This has been proven to work for me in particularly (Barry) at work, and helped me get a promotion to team leader, which astounded me. I totally credit the confidence and ability to work well with others to playing sports on a frequent basis. Beforehand I was kind of shy, but now I exude this confidence I otherwise may not have.

See the Benefits Yet?

So not only are sports good for your physical heath, they can be good for your mental health as well. Go figure.

We hope you that if you aren’t already doing so, that you will try to get into sports or other activities that keep you healthy and active.


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What is Air Disc Golf?

When we tell people that our passion in life is sports, but more specifically air disc golf, most look at us with confusion, and wonder what the heck it is. After we tell them, the majority proceed to tell us that they have never heard of such a sport before in their lives, and sometimes ask us further questions about it; and boy do we love that! Because of the fact that air disc golf is such as unknown sport, we decided to create a post around it.

But rather that going into a lengthy post that describes the sport itself, we thought it would be a better idea to post a video that would probably do a better job than we could anyways.

Check out the video, and leave us a comment letting us know what you think!

We love finding our disc golf freaks like ourselves, so if you are into the sport we would love to connect with you. Leave us a comment or get in touch with us through our contact page if you are down.

Thanks for reading and we hope that you will continue to visit us here on ACDGC.

Look out for our next post here in the next few weeks.

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ACDGC: Recreation and Sports Games for Adults

Hi there and welcome to ACDGC, a new blog for everything adult sports and recreation. On this site, we will be discussing a variety of topics from adult sports games and teams, and other forms of creative recreation whether it’s a simple board game, or even an activity like a bouncy house.

We are just a couple of lazy dudes living in Minnesota, and living the good life. We love to exercise and just be outdoors playing just about any kind of sport. Our favorite just so happens to be air disc golf, and it’s something we play every weekend no matter what else we’ve got going on. By the way, our names our Andy and Barry, and we are two best friends that have been hanging out since our freshmen year of college. We are both 29 years old and while Barry works as a civil engineer by day, I, Andy, work as a mortgage lender. Both are pretty boring jobs but our passion for sports and recreation keep us entranced until we can get back on the field again. I know that sounds kind of bad, but we do take our jobs seriously. We just love sports plain as day.

Well, I just wanted to use this post to explain what the site is going to be about and if you have read this far, what else you will have to look forward to.

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